NABB is an adult environment and although we moderate it, we cannot be held accountable for user misbehaviour.


1.1 Respect and be kind to your fellow community members, we're all here to have fun. No game bashing, sore losing, sore winning, cussing others out, and etc.

1.2 Try to keep comms clean; no excessive swearing, yelling, and no harmful language/game slang(ex: improper references to rape, racial slurs, sexual orientation, etc.).


2.1 Do not harass moderators/administrators. Whether it be for special access, updates on a request, closed topics, or any other administrative task.

2.2 Be patient if you submitted an idea that would apply to the whole community. We take great care to see what we can achieve as a whole with your input.

Administrators / Moderators

3.1 Admins and mods are to take some time each week to participate in the community by either actively playing or channel lounging(not AFK). If not upheld, privileges can be revoked.

3.2 Administrator and moderator have great power, thus are required to not abuse of it. They work for the community and not for themselves.


In the eventuality that someone does break the rules, they will have their rights removed in all of our game servers and sent to The Void.

  • First Offense:
    4 day Void
  • Second Offense:
    16 day Void
  • Third Offense:
    Permanently removed

Gaming Rules

1. Respect.

2. Communicate: to properly organize and avoid conflict.

3. Understand: that everyone is at a different skill level and plays differently.

4. Not all of our games have specific rule sets but the three above always apply.

5. Rules might change as our community continues to grow.


1. No hacking, glitching, or using exploits.


1. This should go without mentioning, but... Don't Grief!

2. Respect others. If you are told to move or get out of someone's placement, do so.

The Division

1. Going Rogue and taking on the world is entirely up to you, but keep your smack talk light and non-offensive.